CODEX Program

Cloud Harmonics is redefining the way you train! With our new CODEX Program, individuals and companies have more choices in how they schedule, attend, and pay for our award-winning courses. Find out how simple, cost-effective, and flexible this program allows your training to be! If you have further questions or would like to purchase a subscription, get in touch with your Cloud Harmonics account manager or contact us at


Attend all Palo Alto Networks classes from their #1 Authorized Training Partner 8 years running for one low price

Subscription lasts 1 year

Included are Palo Alto Networks
EDU-210, EDU-220, EDU-260, EDU-318, EDU-318 LO, and EDU-330 plus all Palo Alto Networks Foundations courses.


23 days of courses (MSRP $24,000) priced at $15,999 for enterprise accounts or $10,999 for individual accounts

Free access to 24 hours worth of vSandbox time to practice your skills in a lab environment

Access to updated courses so you're guaranteed to stay up-to-date with new version releases.


Two plans offered:
Enterprise Subscription - $15,999
Rotate 2 or more of your team members through Palo Alto Networks certification courses. You're allowed to reassign the subscription to different team members once per 90 days.

Individual Subscription - $10,999
Pay for one subscription at less than half of the retail price for one user


Where is this available? CODEX is available for North American/English scheduled classes only. It's not available for LATAM at this time.

Can we use our subscription to pay for private classes? CODEX is not available for private classes.

What's the policy on books and/or course materials? Books are only given once per class version. For instance, if the class version goes from version 10 to 10.1, you are allowed to receive the second set of updated books. What is the refund policy? Refunds will only be allowed before taking first class. After the first class, Cloud Harmonics will refund the cost of the subscription minus the MSRP cost of class(es) taken.

Can I pay with Palo Alto Networks Training Credits? Yes, you can use training credits to pay for your CODEX subscription.

vSandbox usage is limited to 2 hour increments at a time.

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