Infoblox DNS Security Overview

Delivery: Virtual, Instructor Led

Duration: 4 hours

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Course Description

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DNS: One of the Fastest Growing Attack Vectors

Security, availability, and integrity are the top three concerns regarding DNS infrastructure. Attackers seek weakest links and pressure points to harm or illegally exploit businesses, and since the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol is not protected by legacy security systems, it is easy to exploit. As a result, cyberattacks carried out via DNS are on the rise.

Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense provides defense against the widest range of DNS-based attacks such as DNS DDoS, exploits, NXDOMAIN, DNS data exfiltration (through known tunnels), and DNS hijacking attacks. Unlike approaches that rely on infrastructure over-provisioning or simple response-rate limiting, BloxOne Threat Defense intelligently detects and mitigates DNS attacks while responding only to legitimate queries. Moreover, it uses Infoblox Threat Adapt™ technology to automatically update its defense against new and evolving threats as they emerge to deliver Actionable Network Intelligence.

Course Overview and Objectives

This course is intended to provide an understanding of DNS security and how Infoblox works to mitigate DNS attacks.

During this course, students will learn about:

  • DNS Sec Statistics and Definitions
  • Data Exfiltration
  • Categories of Security Protection
  • Methods of DNS Protection
  • Dossier Demo
  • Infoblox Security Ecosystem Overview and Why Infoblox

Scope and Target Audience


  • Course level: Introductory
  • Course duration: 4 Hours
  • Course format: Combines lecture with hands-on labs
  • Platform supported: Infoblox

Target Audience:

  • Security Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Support staff


There are no prerequisites for this class and labs are pre-configured to give you some hands on to see how Infoblox DNS Protection works. No Prior Infoblox experience is necessary for this class.


This class is comprised of the following modules:

  • Module 1: Infoblox DNS Security
  • Module 2: Categories of Protection
  • Module 3: Methods of DNS Protection
  • Module 4: Infoblox Ecosystem

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