Palo Alto Networks : Firewall Improving Security Posture and Hardening PAN-OS Firewalls EDU-214(10.1)

Delivery: Virtual, Instructor Led

Duration: 3 days

Cost: $2,995 USD or 30 Palo Alto Training credits

Course Date: (Flexible course dates offered. Please select from the drop-down menu below):

Course Description

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The Palo Alto Networks Firewall 10.1: Improving Security Posture and Hardening PAN-OS (EDU-214) course is three days of instructor-led training that will help you to:

Ÿ Determine the efficacy of your current security policies

Ÿ Develop workflows for managing your security posture

Ÿ Identify rule usage across security policy sets

Ÿ Modify your existing policy set to implement Security Best Practices

Ÿ Monitor network traffic using the interactive web interface and firewall reports

Ÿ Utilize tools such as the BPA tool to further understand your environment


Successful completion of this three-day, instructor-led course will assist the student in being able to manage and maintain an existing Palo Alto Networks Firewall protected environment. The student will learn how to improve non-greenfield environments and will be better equipped at ensuring configurations match security best practice. The student will also be able to develop their own operational strategy to maintain a high level of compliance.

Target Audience :

Security Engineers, Security Administrators, Security Operations Specialists, Security Analysts, and Support Staff.


Students must have completed the “Firewall Essentials: Configuration and Management” course. Students also should be familiar with basic security concepts. Experience with other security technologies (IPS, proxy, and content filtering) is an advantage.

Course Modules
1 - Introduction
2 – Security Profile Revision
3 – Daily Operations and Maintenance
4 – Establish Initial Baseline Visibility
5 – Analyze and Update Security Rules Passing Traffic
6 – Inbound Security Rules Best Practices and Analysis
7 - Outbound Security Rules Best Practices and Analysis
8 - Internal Security Rules Best Practices and Analysis
9 – Administratively Hardening PAN-OS 10 – Reducing Policy set and Simplification

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