Professional Services

Nurture sales and build solutions to meet and exceed your customer’s needs. Our experts can provide you with a technical resource to help close deals and ensure customer success.

How can we help?

Cloud Harmonics provides a wide range of professional services from pre-sales activities to implementation assistance. All of our solution architects are vendor-certified and have years of experience to make sure your customers’ needs are met fully. Check out our offerings below and easily submit a request using the form.

BPA/SLR Assessments

One-hour sessions to discuss the customer’s existing security controls and how they can increase coverage and effectiveness.

Ultimate Test Drives

Let your customers get hands-on experience with a solution. We can help facilitate a seamless, personalized UTD experience by hosting one of these half-day events to move key prospects to evaluations or SLR assessments.

Free Partner Training

We offer exceptional training to our partners for free! Get the technical capabilities to help customers select the right product, solution, or service by attending our one and two day courses.

Health Checks/Shadowing

Keep an expert in your back pocket. Our technical engineers can shadow you on your customer calls or join you when performing health checks as a technical resource.


Use our dedicated lab environment to evaluate, learn, test and try products in a production environment without the hassle involved in shipping and installing a device/software, purchasing software licenses and acquiring the technical expertise and advice you need to successfully evaluate a solution.

Implementation Assistance

Count on a seamless implementation that meets and exceeds customer expectations with Cloud Harmonics certified experts at your side. Whether your customer is new to security or working within an advanced enterprise, we partner with your team to deliver the services that lead to a successful installation.


After the solution is deployed, we revisit and optimize to fine-tune and maximize performance. Additional optimization services can then be considered as customers’ requirements evolve and they are ready to take advantage of additional capabilities.

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